Soltan Business Solution was founded in January 2017 and it is based in the Udaipur, Rajsthan, India. Soltan Business Solution is moving on the track to evolve and provide the best of the services to ensure the one stop solution for all the requirement of the end users and giving a spontaneous business opportunities to the service providers and stores. We offers a comprehensive suite of travel & retail products and growing set of financial services, provided by 100+ suppliers on the platform. The company offers its services through a robust, highly scalable cloud based technology platform consisting of mobile apps, websites, corporate platform and a centralized, toll-free, 24x7 customer service center.
The company also deals in the solar energy like solar rooftop power plant (on grid and off grid), solar water pumping system, solar home lighting system etc.
Our innovative business model has brought about a radical change in the way people makes payment and remittances across multiple services. We provide an unmatched business opportunities for the Businessman, Retailers, Housewives, Students, Professionals, Cyber Cafes, Insurance and Real estate agents.
Soltan Business Solution, offers B2C and B2B Ecommerce Training and Collaterals. Here In Soltan we are providing an easy, useful and handsome ROI business, which will enhance the current setup of the retailer. Easy to use and totally reliable ecommerce product for all customers centric requirements, Our effort is to create a truly differentiated product and deliver exceptional user experience. We sincerely hope that you enjoy using our services and look forward to your feedback.